Nine iOS Gestures

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The Action What It Does
Tap To press or select a control or item (analogous to a single mouse click).
Drag To scroll or pan (that is, move side to side).
Flick To scroll or pan quickly.
Swipe In a table-view row, to reveal the Delete button.
Double Tap To zoom in and center a block of content or an image. To zoom out (if already zoomed in).
Pinch Open To zoom in.
Pinch Close To zoom out.
Touch & Hold In editable text, to display a magnified view for cursor positioning.
Shake To initiate an undo or redo action.

Additional Notes
  1. These none iOS gestures require iOS 4.0.x or above.

This article applies to the following:
  • iOS 10 (formerly iPhone OS) - Is the intuitive, advanced, intelligent and secure mobile operating system. It’s the foundation of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It comes with a collection of apps and features that let you do the everyday things, and the not-so-everyday things, in ways that are intuitive, simple and fun.

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