How do I link my Namecheap account with Twitter?

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If you have come across one of those cool awesome contents created by Namecheap you may notice they may require you to link your Namecheap account with your Twitter account also know as Twitter Integration. We will show you how to connect your Namecheap account with Twitter via Twitter Integration.

Step Guide
  1. Sign in to (on the Web) using the account that you want to link with Namecheap
  2. Sign in to your account (or click here and skip to step 5)
  3. Select MY ACCOUNT (far right), and then select Manage Profile
  4. Under Other Settings (on the left) select Twitter Integration
  5. Enter your Twitter handle (your username) in the field provided
  6. Note: Make sure you're following @Namecheap on Twitter first at if you aren't already. This is required in order for them to be able to send you a direct message (DM) on Twitter. Learn more →
  7. Follow the instructions. They will send you a Direct message on Twitter in the format of
  8. Example: Message from @Namecheap: YOURCODE is your verification code. Thank you. (IP: - You can ignore the IP; this should be you. They include this in case of someone abusing this feature.
  9. Go back to the tab and enter your verification code in the field provided
  10. Click Confirm
  11. Your Namecheap account is now successfully linked to your twitter account. Good luck with the contest.

Additional Notes
  1. If you change your Twitter handle (your username) you will need to click the refresh link which can be done here
  2. If you Twitter account is set to private Namecheap will not see the Tweets you send to enter contents and such unless they are following you.

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