How to Change Your BBM Messenger PIN

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Heads up! Using this method will lose all contacts (and settings ect) and is basically like BlackBerry Messenger as if it's your first time using the service.

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We thought we'd share how you can change your BlackBerry PIN code as a lot of websites claim you're unable to do this due to the pin is linked with your device UDID and basically tell you that you need to buy a new smartphone.

In fact that is completely not the case. A BBM PIN is a unique identification for BBM and for BlackBerry devices its the primary key to keeping in touch with friends and family cross-platform.

Step by Step
  • Visit and create a new BlackBerry ID. (Or click here for registration)
  • From here, signup like before but using a different email address to your other BlackBerry ID.
  • You're all done! Now, you can share your new PIN on social networks

Additional Notes
  1. Remember you will lose all contacts and settings and changes you have on your old PIN. As this will make you a new BlackBerry ID.

This article applies to the following:
  • BlackBerry ID – BlackBerry ID is your single sign in to BlackBerry sites, services, and applications.

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Updated 27/05/14 @ 22:01 PM Luke Edwards, Editor